Buying Green P Plates at Woolworths

You’re looking for green P Plates and hoping to drop into your local Woolies and buy them. Or you get your shopping delivered and want to use the Woolworths app to order your green P Plates online.

I’ve got good news and bad news.

The good news is that Woolies does have a space for Jack Hammer magnetic P Plates in their automotive section and they are quite cheap.

The bad news is that they are almost always out of stock.

If you don’t want to risk going to your local supermarket and finding the P Plates out of stock in the automotive aisle, we’ve got some recommendations for other places to order your green P plates online.

Green background P’s

If you’re looking for magnetic green P plates online for VIC, WA or the NT and need the green background, white P type, you can see your buying options here.

White background P’s

If you live in NSW, ACT, QLD, SA or TAS and need green magnetic P plates with a white background and the P in green, you can see your buying options here.


As an alternative, you could ask your local Woolies store manager when they’ll be back in stock and see if you can get an estimate delivery date for when they’ll be back on the shelves.


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